Smartarredo is a company  founded in 2016 by the experience of over thirty years of the two partners, into furnishing fabrics.
The skill and knowledge acquired by working for many years in this field constantly changing, are now made available to those who want to offer their customers, high quality products and workmanship at competitive prices.
The range of fabrics that Smartarredo offers range from simple cottons plain and printed, via the linens and velvets and silks of the highest quality, to get to lampas and brocade products with the best weaving techniques and adaptable to any style decor, with proposals specific to requirements of the customer.It ‘s also available a wide range of synthetic leather (faux leather), particularly interesting for the ductility of the material and the great range of colors which in recent years has aroused the attention of the market.
Smartarredo offers advice to Architectural Studies, Decorating, Furniture factories, hotels and private customers.